primary education
Education is compulsory and free in Guinea for ages between 7 and 13. Unfortunately, as is the case in so many Third World countries, this dream is seldom fully realized. The first six years of the program will take place at the elementary school, although in practice many rural children never even get that far. Those who do will be rewarded with a Certificate ďEtudes Primaires élémentaires.

Middle Education
A much smaller number of pupils to secondary education. The first four years of this to take place in the lower secondary education, and further academic. The cycle concludes with an examination for the Certificate ďEtudes du Premier Cycle Certificate.

Secondary Education
The last 3 years of the Guinean 11-year sub -tertiair education be devoted to academic high schools, but only by those young people fortunate enough to have parents with the money to their cost, and who are willing to support them voluntarily 3 years. Many who make it up to now match the final Deuxieme Partie baccalaureate exams, which herald the end of secondary school.